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iOS 5: Sync New Purchases Across All Your iOS Devices

Using the same Apple iTunes account on all your iOS devices allows you to Sync purchases across them. This can save you some serious time and cash. Here’s how you can control the syncing of purchased apps across your iPad, iPod and iPhone. Tap Settings >> Store. In the Store settings, adjust which apps should Automatically […]

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Hotkeys in Skype

Skype: Enable Hotkeys

Using hotkeys in Skype lets you use it more easily from your keyboard. Here’s a quick tip on how to enable them. Launch Skype. From the Menu Bar select Tools >> Options. In the options window. click Advanced Settings. Then click Hotkeys. Now set up Hotkeys to execute the following functions. Answer a call Answer […]

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Android: Stop Google Talk from Automatically Signing In

Photo Credit: Gina Smith If you’re an Android smartphone user, one of the most annoying things is getting Google Talk messages, even when when you closed it. This happens when it’s set to sign in automatically. Here’s how to stop it. First, tap the Menu button on your smartphone and select Settings. Then, uncheck Automatically […]

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Google Android: Just Swipe to Call or Text

To make a call or text on your Android phone, here’s the best way: Just slide the contact name over. Even avid Android enthusiasts miss this not-that-obvious UI convenience. Just slide your finger over a contact from the to left or right. Now enter contacts through the contact app or by using your phone’s dialer and […]

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Friday Fun: Browsers You May Have Never Heard Of

In today’s broadband and mobile Internet age, 90% of the work you do on a computer involves the Internet. This fact makes using different browsers sometimes necessary since there is always a browser that is better at one thing and worse at another.  When hearing “Browser” or “Internet” what do you think of first? My […]

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Groovy Freeware Tips, News, Apps, Downloads, and How-To

Free Service Spreeder Teaches You to Speed Read

How much time could you save if you could read twice as fast without losing any comprehension?  If you’re interested in finding out, I have the perfect FREE web app for you and its name is Spreeder! According to Spreeder, most people read at an average rate of 200 WPM (words per minute.)  The logic […]

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Dexter’s Device of the Week: The “MiFi”

Since I am a big time wireless user at home and work, this little device caught my attention.  Novatel Wireless has produced a small gadget roughly the same size as an iPhone.  They are calling it the MiFi, a “mobile WiFi broadcasting device.”   The device itself is sleek and thin and will fit in […]

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