Microsoft Word: Change Line Spacing

The fastest way to change line spacing in Microsoft Word is to use a keyboard shortcut. Here’s how.

Highlight the line of text you want to change, and then hold [CTRl][1] for single spacing and [CTRL][2] double spacing. Nothing to it!

Adjust spacing in microsoft word

This works in all modern versions of Microsoft Word.



  1. Tom Jamieson

    I actually prefer to use CTRL+5, which is 1.5-line spacing.

    • Steve Krause

      @Tom – I use word daily. Great tip! Smells like we need an entire groovyPost dedicated to Microsoft Word keyboard short-cuts. Will need to schedule that!

      • Beverly

        I would love to see some key board shortcuts. Drives me crazy when

        • Steve Krause

          Thanks for the feedback Bev. I’ll put that on the queue to write-up something on all the Word shortcuts out there.



  2. Brian Burgess

    @Tom Jamieson: Ah. Another Great tip! Thanks.

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