Outlook Tip: Add a New Contact Directly from a Message

If you’re a new user of Outlook, it’s easy to add a new sender’s info directly from their message to your contacts. This tip will help you populate your contact list fast.

Sometimes you’ll get a message from a new contact that isn’t included in your Outlook Contacts yet. It’s easy to add the sender’s info directly from the message they send.

Add New Outlook 2013 Contact

When you get a message from a new contact, simply right-click on their name in the Reading pane and select “Add to Outlook Contacts.”

Add to Outlook Contacts

A window will pop open with their email address filled in. From here you can add any additional information you for them that you need and click Save. You can enter in their second email address, work or home address, phone number, IM handle, birthday, and any additional notes you need.

Additional Oultook contact Information

You can do the same thing in Outlook 2007 and 2010, but the process in Outlook 2013 and 365 is a much cleaner and fluid experience.

Add to Contacts Outlook 2007

And if you have multiple contacts and your list is getting cluttered, find out how to merge multiple contacts in Outlook 2013.

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