How to Logout of StumbleUpon… Yeah I Know [Quick-Tip]

StumbleUpon is a great services for finding groovy stuff on the internet but for reasons I can only guess at, they don’t publish a logout button. No worries, I found it!

StumbleUpon has seen a decent share of user interface updates over the years. As a result, features have come and gone; along with their buttons and links. Apparently the Logout button wasn’t aesthetically pleasing enough or perhaps they were taking a tip from IKEA…. because somewhere during the updates they removed the it.

For example, take a look at the StumbleUpon home page. The logout button is nowhere to be seen. It reminds me of Hotel California: you can sign in whenever you want, but you can never logout.

stumbleupon has no logout button

Fortunately, besides clearing your cookies or history, there is still a secret backdoor URL that lets you logout. Well, it’s not really a secret, but there isn’t any easy way to find it.


Just click the Sign out button from this manually addressed logout page and you’ll be out of the system until you login again.

how to log out of stumble upon using the secret logout page

Ahh… Now doesn’t that feel better!




  1. Vadim

    That’s a great find… that kind of thing just drives me NUTS! #whatthehell

  2. Clint

    you can click on the tools icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Sign Out from the drop down list.

  3. N. H.

    I never had to lookup a guide to logout of a site before! Lol, ridiculous. Thanks for the link. Not sure why they make a simple logout feel like I’m rooting around for a “delete account” option.

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