How To Hide Optional Updates in Windows

Making sure you have the latest Windows updates is part of keeping your PC secure and stable. But one thing that annoys me is seeing optional updates that I’ll never use — like, for example, the language packs. Here’s how to make optional updates go away.

First, highlight all the ones you know you won’t use.


Then right-click on one of the highlighted updates. Select Hide Updates.


All of the updates you highlighted will gray out.


Now the next time you launch Windows Update, you’ll only see the important ones you need.

If you want to restore updates that you’ve hidden, launch Windows Update. Start >> All Programs >> Windows Update.


Now click on Restore Hidden Updates.


Then select the updates you want to show on the update list. Click Restore.


Check for updates again — the hidden ones will be back on the list.


Hide any Windows Updates you don’t want to install. This works in Vista and Windows 7.

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