How to Disable iTunes Ping

Recently we told you about Apple’s 2010 Music Event along with the release of iTunes 10 and its new Ping feature. “Ping perhaps is the Twitter and Facebook for iTunes” according to Steve Jobs. Anyway, although disabled by default if for some reason you turned on PING and now want it disabled (like me) here’s a quick tip for disabling PING in your iTunes account.

Step 1 – Logging In

If you’re not logged in to your iTunes account already, do it by clicking the Sign In button at the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Viewing Your Account Settings Online

Now that you’ve logged in, simply go to Store > View My Account to view your account settings. (you may be prompted for your account password.)

image image

Step 3 – Turning Ping Off

From your settings page, find the part with your Ping settings and click the Turn Off button. You will get a warning message where you’ll have to confirm your choice again.



That’s it! Be sure to read the “Are you sure” box regarding the 7 days to delete all activity data and the requirement to remove your review info manually.

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1 Comment

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