Find Out If You Can Jailbreak Your iOS Device

If you want to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, it’s confusing finding the right tools. Here’s a handy site that helps you find out by device and iOS version.

If you want to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, it can be confusing to find if your device and current version of iOS can be jailbroken. Here’s a handy site that keeps up with the most recent jailbreak utilities along with the device and version of iOS it’s running to help you out.

JailbreakStats lets you find out the best way to jailbreak your device, and whether it’s tethered or untethered. On the site, select your device and the version of iOS it’s running.

Note: It only shows devices that are running iOS 5 an up — but that shouldn’t be an issue for most of us.

Jbstats 1

After clicking the Check Status button, a new window will pops up which will tell you whether you can jailbreak your device or not. It lets you know which jailbreak utility you can use and will direct you to a tutorial that will give you the step by step process.

JbStats 2

Instead of hunting around the web and reading dozens of forum posts to find out how to jailbreak your iPhone, save some time by checking JailbreakStats first.

The site doesn’t list the Apple TV though. But you can check out our step by step guide on how to jailbreak your Apple TV 2.

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