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Download Purchased Movies and TV Shows From iTunes Later

Apple has recently added a feature in iTunes 11 and iOS 6 that allows you to save time and money (sort of) when downloading media. Here’s a look at how it works.

Sometimes while you’re on the go there isn’t time to sit near a WiFi connection to download the episode of Game of Thrones you missed. Not to mention the charges you could get by going over your data cap by downloading too much media. So Apple has added a feature that lets you purchase media, then download it later.

This is perfect when you’re on a short lunch and a friend or colleague recommends a show to watch. Or you need to download something but are just too busy. If your carrier charges you overage fees, this can save you some money – purchase a TV show or Movie, then wait and download it when you get home.


Then when you want to download your purchase, it shows a cloud icon on the uppper left corner of the show art.


According to the Apple Knowledgebase article this applies to movies, TV, and music box sets.

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