Clueful Determines Your Android’s Level of Privacy

Not all Android apps protect your privacy equally. If you want an easy way to see how secure and private your Android is, check out Clueful by BitDefender.

Clueful is a new app from BitDefender, which will allow you to find out just how much the apps in your Android device can affect your privacy. Here’s how it works.

Install the free Clueful app from the Google Play Store – you can get it here. After it’s installed, the app will give you a privacy score, based on apps you have installed.

Clueful android score

You’ll notice that apps are split into three risk categories. Clicking each one will send you to a list where you can get details for the respective apps. You’ll also get an uninstall link, so that you can get rid of a dangerous app right away.

Clueful Android app details

Another essential thing is that you won’t have to re-run the scan every time you install something new. Clueful will scan apps when you install them, and let you whether they’re safe or not. It uses BitDefender’s cloud database to get results.

Clueful Android app scan

Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget to take a look at our Android security roundup, for some good advice on keeping your Android device secure.

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