Complete Cable Management System for Under a Dollar! [groovyTips]


This afternoon I couldn’t believe my eyes when I clicked on a link from @mattcutts and saw something so simple I couldn’t believe no one has thought of it before.  The concept is very simple.  Just stick a few Binding Clips on the edge of your desk for the perfect almost free cable management system.

The photo was so great that I felt I just had to share it with all you groovyReaders.  Enjoy!



  1. tone6060

    LOL this is sooo awesome I can’t beleive I never thought of it before… Looks like I’ll need to raid the supplies closet at work tmow lol

  2. Vadim

    Lol nice. I saw this on lifehacker yesterday also. It’s a great concept. Just 1 problem… All my binding clips are to small. My desk is a bit to thick.

  3. shockersh

    Yeah, these are my favorite. Simple but effective. Fortunatly for me the clips fit on my desk. I’m good to go (but still have a nightmare cable mess UNDER my desk). Normally I fix that with zip ties but i’ve been lazy with this last PC i built.

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