Keep In Touch With Your Spouse with the Android Contact Widget

If you’re in a relationship, the number one person on your smartphone should be your partner. The Contacts Widget for Android makes it easier to stay in touch with them.

If you’re married or in a relationship, your partner is the number one contact on your mobile device right? To keep in touch with them easier, Android has a Contact widget that keeps you in touch with your significant other a lot easier. In fact some call users call it “the wife widget.”

Add Contact Widget to Android

On some devices, you’ll have to scroll past your list of apps until you get to Widgets, then pull the Contact one to your home screen. If more than one is offered, choose the one you find more useful in terms of size.

Contact Widget Android

Then search your contacts to find your spouse’s info.

Add contact widget to screen select contact

Now it will be easier for you to keep in touch with your significant other, as the widget will put them right on your home screen — front and center, just like they would want it. This makes it easier than having to search through your contacts all the time. Of course, you can always use Avocado if you need a more complex interaction.

Add contact widget to screen widget

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