TG 03: Windows 8 Vaporware

This week host Josh Windisch is joined by Brian Burgess, Eric mack and Ron White. Is Microsoft bluffing with the new Surface tablet? News on Windows Phone 8, the future of computers and our groovy tip of the week.

Welcome to another episode of groovyPost’s podcast the Tech Groove. This is the show where we cover the tech news, articles from the site and whatever else we care to rant about.

This week’s host, Josh Windisch, is joined by senior writer, Eric Mack, Executive Editor, Ron White, and Editor in Chief, Brian Burgess.

This week the groovyPost crew covers the following.

…And A lot More Tech Grooviness!

Tech Groove How To of The Week: How To Close Windows 8 Metro Apps


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  1. Steve Krause

    Funny, I’ve not put a lot of thought into it before but looking at Apple vs. Microsoft…. Microsoft has always been a Software company that dabbled in Hardware (XBOX, Kinect etc..).

    Apple on the other hand has been a Hardware company that did a little software mainly for its hardware platform (MAC, iPod then later iOS for iPhone and iPad). That is until it accidently got into the application publishing business for its iOS platform.

    Most would probably be happy just having the Apple Apps Store business but Apple enjoys the Hardware business, mobile device business and now the Apps Publishing business. Purely a perfect storm for making cash and keeping everything in the web. And… because they have complete control over all the pieces of it, they ensure everything fits together perfectly.

    Microsoft on the other-hand is only a software company which is highly reliant on hardware manufacturers to making cool product to run its software on including Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Mobile devices.

    Microsoft can innovate all they want but they don’t own the entire platform or ecosystem like Apple so its options are limited if its partners can’t innovate at the pace of Apple and even if they can, Microsoft only gets to keep a portion of the profit.

    The only thing Microsoft has going for it at this point is the corporate market but with Google and others attacking that long-held fortress of cash…. It needs to re-evaluate its current plan and iterate or die…. The good thing Microsoft has going for it is…. CASH.

    Microsoft has 50 Billion cash in the bank and adds another 2.5Billion in cash each month on revenues of 73 Billion (30.7 Billion EBITDA). That’s a monster war chest and growing every day.

    I think that is why Ballmer didn’t have a problem throwing what ever it took to make a great Tablet (which the surface appeared to be) and build a ecosystem similar to Apple’s. If Microsoft is smart, they will do everything in its power to build a 1 touch app platform, marketplace and devices to leverage it all. Apple has proven the model and Microsoft should copy it and improve on it where it can.

    Granted, there will always be a market for PC’s with real keyboards. I sure as heck wouldn’t type a comment like this one on a Tablet…. but that’s another comment after I get some dinner!

  2. Brian

    I think the Surface will really appeal to consumers, Especially the RT version…it is what I will get. The screen real estate is just too small for me to get actual work done on the Desktop.

    I have a Dell Core Duo with touch screen capability with Windows 8 Release Preview installed, and using the Desktop for me is a painful experience. Even with a keyboard and / or stylus. It’s like netbook size and I just cannot be productive on it.
    But, using it in Slate mode with the Metro apps, is definitely cool.

    From what I’ve seen of the Surface, I wouldn’t be able to get any real work done on it either, but it would be handy as a second device — like the iPad is for me now.

    Like Eric Mack said on the show, that’s probably because we are writers, have to take screenshots and really test out different configurations constantly to bring awesome how to articles to groovyPost.

    But it all depends on what your needs are. As a second device for consuming media — pictures, music, videos…sending email and browsing the web I can definitely see myself using it a lot.

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