TechGroove 31: Don’t Shrink Your Window

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T-Mobile announces its new contractless plan for smartphones, Apple enables Two-Step Verification for Apple IDs, the Windows 8 Store cracks over 50,000 apps, built-in Windows 8 / RT apps get major updates, Windows “Blue” build is leaked, and a valuable how to tip of the week.

This week join host Josh Windisch, Austin Krause, and Brian Burgess discuss the goings on in tech from the past week. T-mobile is offering a new “contractless” subscription model for their phones. The company also announced you’ll be able to get the iPhone 5, HTC One, and Samsung’s Galaxy S3. The new plan sounds interesting, but it’s still not a “pure” no contract prepaid service. Apple beefs up security for their Apple IDs by incorporating Two-Step Verification. Apple also is starting to get away from the Skeuomorphic designs in apps, and the first one to lose that aspect of the interface is the updated Podcasts app. We’re all still trying to deal with the issue of Google shutting down Google Reader. In Windows 8 / RT news, the Windows Store cracks 50,000 apps, but where are the important official core apps that everyone uses? On a brighter note, the built-in apps for Windows 8 and RT have gotten updated with new features. The next iteration of Windows 8 – code named “Blue” leaks online. And Austin has a great tip for all users who accidentally close tabs in their browser. You can get them back with a simple keyboard shortcut.

TechGroove 31 Show Notes

How To Tip of the Week

Re-open Accidentally Closed Browser Tabs with a Simple Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard Knight

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Scott  

    Is it possible to use a similar process to discover the amount of graphics RAM being used? Also, on a specific display/monitor, in a multiple display/monitor system?

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