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TechGroove 34: Hipster Glass

Is Google Glass really the next big thing in tech? Josh gets some hands on time with the glasses and lets us know what he thinks. Windows 8.1 code named “Blue” is coming to developers in June, and our how to tip of the week is about making organization of TV and Movies in iTunes easy.

This week host Josh Windisch and Brian Burgess talk about Google Glass. Josh got some hand on time with them, and he tells us what he thinks. Are they the next big thing? Is wearable computing awesome or just a fad? The new version of Windows 8.1 — code named Blue Developer Preview is confirmed to be released in late June. Is boot to desktop and the Start button coming back? And our how to tip of the week is about a program for Mac called iFlicks. It allows you to organized your movies and TV shows easy, with correct metadata, covers, titles, and more.

TechGroove 34 Show Notes

How To Tip of the Week

Make Organizing Movies and TV Shows in iTunes Easy with iFlicks – OS X Only


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