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TG 20: It’s Not Tabletable!

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Google Play requires Google+ profile for comments, Windows 8 should not be feared, OEMs to blame for lackluster Windows 8 sales? Nintendo Wii U launches, Josh gets a new HDTV, the How To Tip of the Week and a lot more tech talk.

This week join host Josh Windisch and Brian Burgess as they talk groovy tech. Google Play requires you to log in with Google+ account before leaving comments. What’s the best way to filter customer review comments? Josh gets a new Samsung EH-5000 HDTV during Black Friday deals. Brian disputes “Windows 8 fail” in the tech press, gives tips on how to make it easy to use. Are computer manufacturer’s the reason Windows 8 sales are slow? Is it a tablet or a laptop? New Windows systems are a jack of all trades, but master of none. Nintendo Wii U arrives with issues out of the box. What’s the appeal of this console anyway?

TechGroove Show Notes

How To Tip of the Week

Classic Shell is a Free Open Source Start Menu Alternative for Windows 8

Classic Shell

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