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TG 18: Apple Needs More Cowbell

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Twitter goes nuts on US election night, is the end near for Apple? Your mouse needs an Internet connection to work and has DRM,  a new Xbox Surface 7-inch gaming tablet from Microsoft rumored, and Austin shows how to switch active windows on a system with dual monitors.

This week join host Josh Windisch, Brian Burgess and Austin Krause as they talk about Apple being doomed — really? Twitter reaches 327, 452 tweets per minute. A mouse that require you to be online to use, and includes DRM. An Xbox Surface gaming tablet from Microsoft is rumored to be in the works. MSN Messenger really is doomed. It’s being killed off by Microsoft and merged into Skype. And Austin has a groovy keyboard shortcut that instantly moves active windows between screens in a dual monitor set up.

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Use a Keyboard Shortcut to Instantly Move Windows Between Monitors

Dual Monitors Windows 7

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