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T-Mobile offering a unlimited calling plan for browser initiated calls.

T-Mobile Bobsled: A Real Run at MS Skype

Watch out Skype. The Bobsled’s here. And if you haven’t been paying attention since T-Mobile debuted it this summer, now’s a good time to focus. This is a multi-device app-based VoIP service that so far, to me, blows doors. I mean that in the most technical sense of the term. Now Bobsled isn’t new. It’s […]

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Yap Voicemail goes extinct

Yap Voicemail Shutting Down

After just a year’s run, Yap Voicemail service is on the block.  Yap is the Google Voice-like voicemail-to-text service for Android and iPhone. And it’s headed out the door. I’m disappointed. I wrote a review of it five months ago and the service is still humming. So far, Yap hasn’t announced the reason for its […]

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Skype to Make Up for Outage

Skype had a major outage, leaving a lot of customers unable to make video or voice calls. The outage lasted for 30 hours and the company has yet to say what caused it, but it has denied the possibility of a malware attack. Having dissatisfied customers is the last thing Skype wants right now especially […]

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