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Customize Firefox 4 Toolbars

How to Customize the Firefox 4 Toolbar and Interface

Firefox 4 has definitely got both Chrome and Internet Explorer 9 beat in one thing, and that is customizability.  When I first downloaded Firefox 4, I wasn’t sure I liked the new interface. But after some tweaking, it might be enough to make Firefox my new default browser.  Customizing the Firefox interface is easy, and […]

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Google Quietly Rolls Out New Header Bar Navigation

Yesterday Google updated the way their navigation bar works across some of their services.  They’ve streamlined the link tabs on the left side of the bar, and on the right-side there is a new gear button that provides a new drop-menu feature.  Have you seen it yet?     The old Gmail and Google navigation […]

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Run default android UI (user interface

How-To Switch To The Stock Android Interface On your Phone

Android interfaces come in many different shapes and colors depending which manufacturer designed the phone.  If you want to remove the custom manufacturer  interface such as HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc… This groovy guide will show you what to do. This guide won’t cover the complete uninstallation/deletion of custom user interfaces, and some of the […]

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