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Google Cloud Connect Now Lets You Open Docs

Remember back in February when Google released their Cloud Connect add-on for Microsoft Office?  You know, the tool that lets you sync documents and spreadsheets directly to the Google Docs cloud.  It was exciting at first, but after review it was deemed rather useless; mere days later we started looking for ways to minimize it.  […]

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Setup Firefox 4 Sync

How to Setup Sync for Firefox 4

One of my favorite features about Firefox is the new sync option.  We’ve been testing this out for a while now and it has proven really useful for jumping between devices without losing data.  If you are constantly on the go, or if you own multiple computers – Firefox sync is a must-have.   It even […]

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Google Cloud Connect Add-on for Microsoft Office Now Available

Google purchased a web collaboration startup known as DocVerse nearly one year ago.  What they’ve done is similar to collaborating on Microsoft Office documents in a shared Dropbox, but they’ve made it a lot more simple. Since then they’ve been hard at work bringing the technology into Google’s infrastructure.  In November they opened up Google […]

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How-To Allow Anyone To Upload To Your Dropbox

Here at groovyPost we often talk about Dropbox and all the various things you can do with it. Today we have yet another groovyTip for Dropbox, we’ll show you just how easy it is to allow anyone to upload to a public folder on your Dropbox. When we start to talk about PHP and scripting, […]

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Microsoft Dumps FolderShare – Rebrands as Windows Live Sync

  Being a long time, loyal fan of the popular file sharing service, I wasn’t exactly surprised by the announcement that Microsoft will be dumping the legacy FolderShare name (FolderShare was a Microsoft acquisition 12-18 months ago) and rebranding the services – Windows Live Sync.  Granted, I “thought” the strategy would be to work […]

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