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Sony SmartWatch Now Available in the USA

I’m not a big fan of accessories that show what your phone does.I’d rather take the smartphone out of my pocket and see what it wants. Then again, Sony’s new SmartWatch, now available in the U.S., does have a certain charm to it and could very well change my opinion.

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PSVITA Game Handheld – Sony’s New 3DS Killer?

With the recent launch of the 3DS, and information security failures of the PlayStation NetNotwork, Sony has been taking it on the nose in regards to their reputation and corporate image.  Trying to get back on their feet, at E3 this week, Sony announced its latest handheld console device, the PSVITA – originally codenamed the […]

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Friday Fun – Old-school Flashback Edition: Virtual Gaming that Precedes the Wii and Xbox Kinect By More Than 10 Years

Nintendo, Microsoft, and now even Sony are all investing heavily into the virtual-motion gaming market.  But, is this technology really something new?  The concept certainly isn’t.  Over 10 years ago the first successful virtual-gaming interface was created for a television show that aired on Nickelodeon.  The system didn’t require any controllers or peripherals, but it […]

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