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8-17-2011 11-22-31 AM

Google Sitelinks 101: Choosing and Demoting Sitelinks

Sitelinks, as explained in part one and part two of our Google Sitelinks 101 series, are handy deep links to relevant parts of your website that show up in Google search results. As we’ve discussed, the process of choosing which sites get sitelinks and which sitelinks are included is purely automated by the Almighty Algorithm. […]

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8-17-2011 10-04-45 AM

Google Sitelinks 101: How to Get Google Sitelinks

Yesterday, we began a series inspired by the evolution of Google Sitelinks where we reviewed the definition of Google Sitelinks. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the factors that help your site become a good candidate for Google Sitelinks. The good news about getting sitelinks is that it’s automated, so you don’t really have to […]

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Google Sitelinks 101: What are Sitelinks?

Earlier, the Google Blog walked us through the evolution of sitelinks. You’ve probably noticed sitelinks in your everyday browsing, even if you didn’t know what they were called. The sitelinks are the highlighted results that show up beneath a website’s main search result. These sitelinks point to deeper parts of the website that may be […]

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panda update rocks!

Does anyone see a problem with this? [Rant]

Over the past few months I’ve been fairly quiet about the last several updates from Google. If you’ve not been keeping up, back in April Google released a fairly large update to their search algorithm where, among other things, they started applying feedback from consumers into their search results.  Overall it was good news for […]

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Google Webmaster Tools / Central Logo

How-To Increase Google SEO for Videos

Today Google began the first in a series of articles talking about how you can increase your Video’s ranking in Google Search.  In the past, they focused on the importance of submitting a Video Sitemap or mRSS Feed and today they announced support for FaceBook Share and Yahoo! SearchMonkey RDFa.   This ranking process is […]

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