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Monsterous Slithering Snake Meets Giant Mondo Spider

We’ll admit it from the git-go. The real reason groovyPost is running this story is so that we can show a video of a giant mechanical snake encountering a giant mechanical spider.  Some things are their own justification, you know. But because sometime in a future existence we may be called up on to justify […]

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YouTube Launches Space Lab for Students and Enthusiasts

  Google YouTube and Lenovo, along with space organizations around the globe, are sponsoring science experiments aboard the International Space Station. Students aged 14 to 18  are eligible to submit ideas in video format to YouTube. Five renowned judges will be looking over each submission and giving it a score. YouTube users also get a […]

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Your DNA: Witch Peak and behavioral traits explained

DNA: Your Behavior and Witch Peak Explained

The University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center is following a trail of hints that now lead them to believe that most of the common behavior traits and physical anomalies we notice are purely genetic. That is, the researchers report that such common behavior as rolling ones tongue is coded in Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine and […]

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Northern Lights

DSLR Timelapse Shots: Aurora Borealis Wows

The Aurora Borealis, or Northern  Lights, is a pretty rare site for most of us who live in more or less mid Earth climes. Check out this timelapse video — shot at several locations in Finnish Lapland, created for You might never see this in real life! For this image, photogs used DSLR cameras […]

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