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Make Firefox Not Ask To Remember Passwords

How to Make Firefox Stop Asking to Save Passwords

When you login to a website using Firefox 4, a pop-up prompt will often appear that asks you if you would like to “remember the password” for the site.  If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to save your passwords, this is extremely annoying.  Sure, you could select the “Never remember passwords for […]

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How-to Look Up or Back Up Google Chrome Saved Passwords

How-to Look Up or Back Up Google Chrome Saved Passwords [No Longer Works – Pending Update]

Update: Chrome now encrypts password data and this method no longer works. If we find another method for recovering Google Chrome passwords, we’ll update this article. Aren’t saved passwords great? No more racking your brain to remember obscure login credentials or locking yourself out of your account after too many failed login attempts due to […]

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Hacked! Gnosis Claims Responsibility for Gawker/Lifehacker Data Breach

Today, Lifehacker and Gawker confirmed the rumors that have been circulating since Saturday afternoon: a hacker group known as Gnosis has breached Gawker’s servers, harvesting over 200,000 usernames, emails and passwords along with, according to the torrent file posted on PirateBay “an additional million or so easily decryptable” usernames and passwords. Lifehacker and the rest […]

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