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Opera 12 Is Now Available

The latest version of Opera, which is one of the most advanced browsers around – but not the most popular, has just been released. Version 12 brings a lot of interesting features, all of which have been ironed out in a beta that’s been available for a couple of months now.

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What is Your Favorite or Default Web Browser?

With so many browsers out there, the browser wars keep heating up. Here at groovyPost we’re interested in knowing which one is your default browser. Maybe you are forced to use Internet Explorer at work, but prefer Google Chrome or Firefox at home? Cast your vote in the poll below and leave us a comment […]

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Friday Fun: Browsers You May Have Never Heard Of

In today’s broadband and mobile Internet age, 90% of the work you do on a computer involves the Internet. This fact makes using different browsers sometimes necessary since there is always a browser that is better at one thing and worse at another.  When hearing “Browser” or “Internet” what do you think of first? My […]

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Opera Mini 5.1 Review

Love surfing the Internet on your phone? Opera Mini 5.1 just came out of beta! Opera Mini is completely free and offers a better Internet experience than most built-in web apps. Let’s look at some of its features and reasons why it’s the most popular mobile Internet browser.   Page Loading is Fast and Smooth […]

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