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Windows: Make the Caps Lock Key Beep When Pressed

It’s extremely annoying when you’re typing and accidentally hit the Caps Lock key without knowing it. Here’s how to make it alert you when it’s pressed. In Vista and Windows 7 Click Start >> Control Panel. Next, switch to Classic View and click Ease of Access Center. Scroll down under Explore All Settings, and click […]

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Swype Beta Open Again For A Limited Time, Get Your Copy Now

Once again, Swype has opened their otherwise “exclusive” doors and for a short window you can pick up your copy of the Android software touch-slide-keyboard.  If you haven’t tried Swype, you should.  It is quite possibly the greatest thing to come to mobile phones since Android itself.  Sure, there are some wannabe clones in the […]

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Quickly Send Text Messages for Free Using E-Mail

It’s amazing to me how popular “texting” or Text Messaging has become over the last few years.   Additionally, what’s even more amazing to me is the fact that a new language and possibly even a new culture appears to have spawned from this new technology!  OMG, IMO it’s crzy LOL!  😉   As fantastic as […]

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Clear Firefox 3 Browsing History, Cache and Private Data

My last few articles focused on How-To Clear IE7 Browser History.  I figured while I’m in a “Security” frame of mind, I would capture the same process for Mozilla Firefox.  Like IE7, the process in Firefox is incredibly easy.  Personally, since you can also automate the process and have Firefox clear the cached data automatically […]

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