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epic win is pretty win

Friday Fun: Epic Win

Are you a raving gaming addict?  Then today let me tell you about an epic win.  No, this isn’t my sordid approach at internet meme humor.  “Epic Win” is an up and coming mobile phone app that will help you win at more than just video games.  Yes indeed, it will help you accomplish things […]

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Groovy News

Artefact’s “Flash in a Pinch” Brings Flash Support To The iPad and iPhone

Just when you thought the on-going battle between Apple and Adobe was over, Artefactgroup announced a new project that works around Apples “no flash” policy.  It’s still in testing and development but they’ve put some “proof of concept” videos up and it’s looking pretty groovy. The technology is officially called Artefact Animator and has future […]

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How-To Check Your AT&T iPhone Data Usage History

By now it’s fairly common knowledge that AT&T just cut their unlimited data plan on the iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones replacing it with a 250Meg or 2GB data limit.  The new plan was official the same day Apple announced the release of their new data hog iPhone 4.  Interesting. Yeah, it all makes sense […]

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Google Upgrades Google Voice on the iPhone and Palm

On Tuesday, Google released an update to their Google Voice Web App. It fully mimics the same functionality using HTML5, as most AppStore downloaded apps.  This web app has many new features and is visually stunning when compared to the previous process we’ve written about on groovyPost.  Although it doesn’t yet use my 3G or […]

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Nexus One – Google’s Smartphone Debut [groovyNews]

Tuesday morning Google unveiled it’s highly anticipated SmartPhone, the Nexus One.  It was just a matter of time before Google entered into the cell phone hardware domain if you consider all of their core mobile software development.  In a technical sense, the hardware is manufactured by HTC, but Google is the brains of the operation […]

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Microsoft Logo ::

How-To Get Free BingTones from Microsoft

Ok, I know this isn’t a typical How-To article. However, I just couldn’t resist.  It turns out Microsoft wants to BING your phone.  This morning Microsoft released 3 three Bing-branded ringtones for your mobile phone.  They are calling them BingTones. You can find the links here: Three Bing-branded ringtones for your mobile device ( Three […]

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