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How to Set IE9 As the Default Browser

How to Set Internet Explorer 9 As Your Default Browser

Microsoft’s latest release, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), is available for download.  If you are still using IE8 or *cringe* IE6, go get the update!  When installing IE9 you might have noticed something it did differently than your typical web browser, or rather, something it didn’t do.  Internet Explorer 9 never asked to be your default […]

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How to Pin Internet Explorer 9 Websites To the Taskbar

Pinned websites in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) are the premier feature that everyone is talking about.  With pinned websites you can receive notifications, quickly navigate via the jump list, or control a webapp without even opening the page.  Not all sites will have the full set of pinned features, since this requires that they’ve developed […]

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IE9 Offline Installer

Internet Explorer 9 Offline Installers

The offline installation files for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) are 20-40MB in size depending on which version you need.  While this might not seem like a large download for everyone, if you are trying to load this on a 56K dial-up connection it could take a couple of hours. Instead, download it to a disk […]

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Add A Spellchecker To IE9

Add Spell Checking to Internet Explorer 9 with Speckie

One of the biggest features missing from IE9 is a spell-checker.  Microsoft might have overlooked this in an effort to promote productivity of their Online Office suite, or they might have just decided it was too much work to include it.  Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari all have spellcheckers; whatever the reason, Microsoft dropped the […]

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Enable WebM Support For IE9

How to Add WebM Support to Internet Explorer 9

Remember back when Chrome cut support for H.264 video in favor of WebM?  Well, yesterday the final build of IE9 was released, and it didn’t include support for WebM.  Google saw this coming, and so they’ve already started work on a extension for IE9 that will add in WebM compatibility.  The extension is still in […]

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IE9 Gone Gold

Internet Explorer 9 Final, Now Available

We mentioned last week that it was coming.  As of 9:00pm PDT today, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) is available for download.  IE9 will soon be hitting the the Windows Update download queue, or you can download it immediately from the link in this post.  Microsoft hasn’t changed much, but they did make a few last […]

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IE9 Official Release Date

Internet Explorer 9 Official Release Date Confirmed

Today Microsoft officially announced the date and time that Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will move away from a release candidate and into the final version.  On Monday March 14th at 9:00pm PST, IE9 will be available for download.  Non-coincidently, this is the same day when approximately 1 year earlier Microsoft had launched the first IE9 […]

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Internet Explorer 9 RC Now Available

Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) has come a long way since first introducing their beta last September.  After lots of testing, Microsoft is now distributing the first Release Candidate of the web browser.  According to Microsoft, they are very close to the final version and this RC is “feature complete.”  All that is left to do […]

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