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Where Other Browsers Fall, Chrome Remains Unhackable

The results from the CanSecWest Pwn2Own competition are in.  Despite the $20,000 prize offered up by Google, Chrome still remains unscathed.  Safari was hacked in a matter of seconds, and Internet Explorer 8 was hacked using a combination of 3 different vulnerabilities.  Apple’s iPhone was fell victim, and before the day was over, Mozilla’s Firefox […]

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Uninstall IE9 - Go back to IE8

How-To Uninstall Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Earlier we talked about some of the highlights in the new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) beta, and many gave it a try.  But, IE9 is still in beta so if you need a stable web browser then IE9 is still not an option.  Normally uninstalling a program on your computer is simple, however in the […]

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How-To Preview URLs with Internet Explorer 8

The internet can be a dangerous place to just “surf around on”.  This is especially true when you start clicking on URL’s that have been shortened using services like or any URL shortener for that matter.   For those of you using Internet Explorer 8, a simple solution exists which allows you to preview […]

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Fix Browser Crashes By Resetting IE8 [How-To]

While Internet Explorer has always been a little buggy, for many it is still the browser of choice.  While we await the much anticipated IE9, here’s a trick that can help solve many of the problems caused by zealous add-on users and toolbar addicts.  Rather than try to hunt down the problem, just reset IE8! […]

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Today [Release Alert]

It’s official, this morning Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8.)  If you’re looking for the download link, I suggest heading here: for the Download Link and all the Internet Explorer 8 goodness.  😉   Packed full of new features and concepts I guess it’s time I finally install it on my primary box.   […]

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