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security backup

Windows 8 – How To Create a System Restore Point

System Restore (sometimes called System Protection) for Windows 7 and Windows 8 allows you to restore your computer to a previous good state should any kind of issue occur during the install of a new driver or application without affecting your documents, pictures and other personal data/files on the system. Although Windows creates system restore […]

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Electrical switch

Switch between Speakers and Headphones in 1 Click

Isn’t it always the smallest things that create the biggest irritations? Things like a  dripping faucet, a creaking stair step, or Windows forcing you to send your mouse through a maze of menus just to switch audio output between the speakers and the headphones! Aren’t Windows’ developers smart enough to come up with a toggle […]

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A Trick to Sort Files and Folders by Importance

Some important files are more important than others. Mark those with double exclamation points. Windows lets you sort files by name, extension, date of creation, size, and all manner of criteria. But nowhere does Windows have a built-in sort that puts the most important files and folders at the top of a directory. But you […]

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How to Automatically BCC in Outlook 2010

Article Summary: A step-by-step screenshot tutorial for automatically BCCing an email address for all outgoing Outlook messages. From Outlook 2007 to Outlook 2010, Microsoft removed the BCC field. We’ll show you how to add the BCC field back in. To auto BCC in Outlook, we’ll need to show the developer tab and add a script. […]

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Groovy Microsoft Office How-To, Tips, Tricks, Downloads, News, and Answers

How-To Configure and Manage AutoArchive In Outlook 2010 & 2013

Since the beginning of Outlook, Microsoft has always included the Archive and AutoArchive feature and Outlook 2010 is no exception.  The AutoArchive feature automatically moves or deletes older email from your Primary Mailbox into an Archive Data File stored on your local hard drive.  These files are called .PST files.  In the past when Outlook .PST files had […]

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