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How to Bypass the New York Times Paywall and Read Articles for Free

Recently, launched a much ballyhooed rollout of its digital subscription in an attempt to monetize its online content without compromising the “discoverability” of via search engines. Essentially, the New York Times lets you access 20 articles for free via “major search engines” before it asks you to pony up for unlimited access. When […]

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Friday Fun: Groovy Microsoft Kinect Hacks

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect has been quite the success, but not just among console gamers.  After realizing that you could connect the Kinect to your computer, thousands have swarmed to create their own homebrew Kinect applications.  The interest in experimenting with the Kinect’s motion sensing technology is so strong that Microsoft officially announced an upcoming Kinect […]

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How to Add A Blank Space to the Windows 7 Taskbar

The Windows 7 taskbar has a groovy pinned icon taskbar system that works quite well.  But, despite its flexibility it doesn’t allow you to space out your icons in whatever way you like.  Sure, you can easily change what order icons are listed in (click and drag), but what if you want to separate groups […]

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