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Yap Voicemail goes extinct

Yap Voicemail Shutting Down

After just a year’s run, Yap Voicemail service is on the block.  Yap is the Google Voice-like voicemail-to-text service for Android and iPhone. And it’s headed out the door. I’m disappointed. I wrote a review of it five months ago and the service is still humming. So far, Yap hasn’t announced the reason for its […]

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Update: Google Lets You Keep Your Old Google Voice Number

Good news, everybody! If you ported your number to Google Voice or integrated your Sprint account with Google Voice, you get to keep your old phone number after all. Previously, Google Voice users had a single number associated with their Google Voice accounts. Wiring Google Voice together with your actual phone involved a mildly complicated […]

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Google Voice Now Available On The iPod And iPad

When the official Google Voice app was released for the iPhone it was also met with waves of angry iPod and iPad users that were blocked from downloading it.  Now Google has finished developing an iPod and iPad compliant version, and it just hit the app store yesterday.  Finally, Google Voice users on the iPod […]

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Google Voice Ports Numbers

How to Block Calls with Google Voice

If you read my earlier post lamenting the onslaught of random callers with the wrong number dialing me on my iPhone, you’ll already know that the methods for blocking calls with the iPhone for free are only semi-satisfying at best. This is yet another reason why you should seriously switch to Google Voice, especially now […]

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