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Google Music: How to Download Your Music

Google Music will now allow you to download music you have stored in the cloud. Here’s how to do it. Remember my Google Music screenshot tour a while ago? I was telling you then about the possibilities of storing your music in the cloud that the service offers and that you can basically listen to […]

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google music

Google Music – Quick screenshot tour

Google Music is a very interesting new service from search engine giant Google. Basically, it offers you the possibility to have your music with you at all times (provided you have an internet connection). The service is fairly comprehensive so rather than a boring review, I’ve decided to do more of a screenshot tour / […]

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Google Music Invite Donation Thread

This morning I logged into my Google Music Beta account and discovered I had 8 invites I could send out.  This is a great sign because just a few weeks ago I had only 2 (and those went quickly…).  Now, since I know these invites are going to go quickly I thought I would start-up […]

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Google Music Invites?

Do you have Google Music Invites?

Earlier today, Lifehacker reported Google is slowly giving users of the beta service 2 invites which they can send to friends/family/etc…  Unfortunately my account doesn’t have any invites to give and Google has yet to post anything about this on their blog. UPDATE 8/30 – In order to coordinate invites for Google Music a little better, I’ve […]

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