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Google Buzz Is Officially Dead

Google: Finally Kills Off Buzz, Other Services

In The It’s About Danged Time Department, Google officially tolled the bell for Google Buzz today. At long last and in a move that should surprise no one, Google is shutting down the lackluster Buzz social effort, its API and converting all relevant resources there to its Google + social network. In a blog post […]

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Google Settles Privacy Lawsuit Over Google Buzz with…You!

Good news, everyone*! Remember back in February 2010, when that Orwellian Internet search/cloud computer/advertising tech giant automatically signed us up for its newfangled social media platform, Google Buzz? And remember how mad we were when Google automatically added everyone that you’ve ever emailed with any frequency to your contacts list, thereby revealing your sordid Gmail […]

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Things Are Looking Pretty Sweet At Google

While it might not be tech related, Google has been doing some “sweet” work over at their campus in Mountain View, California.  It turns out that Google is doing research on more than just search results.  They are now looking into Colony Collapse Disorder.  If you’re a fan of Google Buzz, you’re going to love […]

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How to Disable And Remove Google Buzz

Last week Google introduced what they hope will be their Twitter killer Google Buzz service.  If you haven’t heard, it’s a new social media service that’s very much like Twitter, but with a Google touch added to things.  The good news is that it hooks up directly with your already existing Google or Gmail account […]

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