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Happy IPv6 Day Everybody!

At the beginning of the year we mentioned that Google and some of the other big names on the internet were teaming up for an IPv6 test run.  Now, it’s here.  We have roughly 4 hours until IPv6 day starts; which could be either June 7 or June 8 depending on where you live in […]

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aGoogleaDay Trivia

Train Your Google-fu with aGoogleaDay Trivia

Do you like trivia, even if you don’t know any of the answers?  Most people would likely not, but what if looking up the answers was part of the fun?  A Google a Day is a new website from Google that answers a new and very specific trivia question each day.  The questions are often […]

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How-To Get A Cool Desktop Text Icons Dock

Hey, it’s the beginning of March. Have you been following all the new fashion statements? I know I haven’t, but I’m sure my PC has. With this cool tutorial we’ll show you how to get a super groovy hi-tech look for your PC using Rocketdock, photoshop and a few downloads! groovyVideo They say a photo […]

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Things Are Looking Pretty Sweet At Google

While it might not be tech related, Google has been doing some “sweet” work over at their campus in Mountain View, California.  It turns out that Google is doing research on more than just search results.  They are now looking into Colony Collapse Disorder.  If you’re a fan of Google Buzz, you’re going to love […]

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