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Developer Tab

MS Excel: Add Up/Down Buttons to Spreadsheets

Here’s how to add up and down buttons to your Excel spreadsheets. First enable the developer ribbon. On the developer ribbon, click Insert >> Spin Button. Next click the cell where you want the spin button to appear. Next select the Spin Button. On the developer ribbon, click Properties. An options box appears. Click the control tab. Enter values if […]

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Jail Cell

Remove Empty Cells in Excel 2007 or 2010 Spreadsheets

  Ready to remove those pesky empty cells in Excel? Here’s how to do it. Open your spreadsheet and press [Ctrl] [A] to highlight the entire document. Or highlight just the section of the spreadsheet where you want to remove empty cells. Now, press F5 on your keyboard. The Go To menu will appear. Click the Special button. The […]

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How-To Save MS Office 2007 documents as a PDF or XPS

Shortly after upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 I ran across this nice FREE add-on from Microsoft which allows you to save your documents in the Adobe PDF or Microsoft XPS format using all eight Microsoft Office 2007 applications.  I use the feature almost daily so I’m sure all you groovyReaders will appreciate the find!   […]

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