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Skype: Bug in Windows client caused crash

As I told you a few days ago, Skype has faced a major outage, and has offered its customers free minutes and subscription times to make up for it. The mystery regarding what has caused the outage has finally been unraveled in a blog by Skype CIO, Lars Rabbe. It would seem that a bug […]

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How-To Change Your Google Voice Phone Number

  Earlier in the month, Google Announced that Google Voice users can now quickly change their phone numbers for a $10 fee.  The process allows you to choose an area code and search for a number based on numbers or letters.  This idea is great news for those who have moved recently to a new […]

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How-To Get Free BingTones from Microsoft

Ok, I know this isn’t a typical How-To article. However, I just couldn’t resist.  It turns out Microsoft wants to BING your phone.  This morning Microsoft released 3 three Bing-branded ringtones for your mobile phone.  They are calling them BingTones. You can find the links here: Three Bing-branded ringtones for your mobile device ( Three […]

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GrandCentral Upgrade to Google Voice FINIALLY!

There’s been an ongoing Forum thread on my GrandCentral migration to Google Voice and this morning when I got to work I logged into GrandCentral and was pleasantly surprised that my account was now ready for migration to Google Voice!     Of course I quickly clicked the UPGRADE button and was redirected over to […]

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Rock out with Gmail’s Full Potential Unleashed

Everyone on the internet by now knows that Gmail is a free email service available to anyone.  Some people even consider it a religious practice to set up as many Gmail accounts as they can and e-mail themselves pretending they have friends.  Some people have asked me, “Why should I use e-mail when I have […]

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Quickly Send Text Messages for Free Using E-Mail

It’s amazing to me how popular “texting” or Text Messaging has become over the last few years.   Additionally, what’s even more amazing to me is the fact that a new language and possibly even a new culture appears to have spawned from this new technology!  OMG, IMO it’s crzy LOL!  😉   As fantastic as […]

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New Update for Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile

  For those of you with Windows Mobile phones & Microsoft LCS implemented, today Microsoft released a new update to their Office Communicator Mobile 2007 Client.  Previously released in 2007, this November release includes several update fixes.  Interesting enough to warrant an Honorable “Groovy” Mention. 😉   You can find the Update here – Microsoft […]

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