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How To Extract wallpapers from Windows 7 Theme

How-To Extract Wallpapers From Any Windows 7 Theme

Recently a friend was over at the house and he really loved my wallpapers. Problem was, when he tried to import my Windows 7 themes I created for him he called me back and asked how to import the theme on his Windows Vista box…  Yeah, that won’t work… However, being that I was up […]

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7-Zip – Freeware File and Folder Compression and Encryption Tool [groovyDownload]

Today after upgrading to the latest release of 7-Zip on my Windows 7 machine, I decided 7-Zip deserved an honorable mention since I’ve not spoken about the product here on groovyPost. (I know… long overdue!) Similar to RocketDock (which works with Windows 7 YAHOO!), 7-Zip is one of those applications I install immediately after building a […]

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