Manage Your Music, Media & Radio With Free Audials Play + Giveaway


Audials Play is a user-friendly music and media management tool for Windows and mobile devices. Here’s what you need to know.

There’s a problem with media in the internet age—app overload. Want to watch a TV show on your PC? You’ll need an app for it. The same applies if you want to listen to and record internet radio stations, load up a podcast, or play your favorite music.

If you’re a Windows user, you can quickly solve this problem with Audials Play.

What is Audials Play?

Audials Play

Audials Play is the ultimate music and media management tool. It allows you to create and enjoy your own collection of online radio and TV stations, podcasts, and music streaming services in a single location.

The power to curate your own media experience makes Audials Play a must-have. Listen to your favorite artists on the radio and record their songs—or, if you prefer, look through your preferred music streaming service to mix and match your playlists.

If you prefer to relax listening to podcasts, Audials allows you to search through and listen to millions of episodes across different categories, like comedy or sports. TV lovers can benefit, too, with hundreds of English-language and international TV channels available for Audials users to watch, completely for free.

Audials Play is your experience, personalized to suit your tastes and requirements. Build your own playlists, listen to your favorite artists, watch your favorite TV and radio shows. The bigger the collection, the more powerful it becomes, with a tagging tool that you can use to categorize your content.

You can download Audials Play for free on Windows, but mobile versions are available for Android and iPhone users.

Audials One Giveaway: 20 Free Codes for groovyPost Readers

Audials 2022

Thanks to our friends at Audials, we’ve got 20 free codes to give away for Audials One, the paid upgrade to Audials Play.

Audials One takes things a step further, with integrated (and DRM-friendly) playback for your favorite TV and music streaming services. You can also record content to your PC or mobile devices without circumventing copy protection. That’s just the start—you can learn more about its features on the Audials website.

groovyPost readers can take part in our giveaway for free by clicking this page and following the instructions. If you win, you’ll receive your Audials One code by email once the giveaway closes. Good luck!

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