BLUETTI April Spring Sale 2022


It’s time for another BLUETTI sale, with a fantastic set of discounts on a number of products available for a limited time.

It’s time for another BLUETTI sale, with a fantastic set of discounts on a number of products available for a limited time in the company’s April spring sale. If you’re looking to save some money on a new generator, solar panel, battery, or more, now’s the time to do it—here’s what you need to know.

BLUETTI April Discounts

From April 7th, you can pick up a great deal on a number of BLUETTI products. To help you get started, we’ve picked out some of the best BLUETTI deals available this April below.

BLUETTI AC300 Power Station & B300 Battery Pack Combo


You don’t need to be connected to the grid for power with a portable power station on hand. If you need one, the BLUETTI AC300 is a great option. BLUETTI is now offering a great combo deal on an AC300 with a B300 battery pack for $3,699—a $99 discount.

What do you get for your money? This powerful, compact, and modular generator offers a 3072 Wh power capacity on its own but supports up to four additional B300 batteries—taking the maximum capacity up to a maximum of 12,288 Wh. It can handle high-load items, thanks to a 3000W pure sine AC inverter (with up to 6000W in a surge environment).

With the B300 lasting for up to 3,500 life cycles (up to 80% capacity), you’re good to charge and recharge your batteries again and again for a long time. You could take things further by adding a BLUETTI Fusion Box Pro into the mix, doubling your AC300’s voltage, power, and capacity. That’s a lot of power!

BLUETTI AC200Max Power Station


If you’re looking for a power generator that you can easily take with you in an RV, then the BLUETTI AC200Max has to be on your shortlist. It’s available in the April sale for $3,099 (from $3,496), a saving of nearly $400 off the retail price.

This is one of BLUETTI’s most popular generators, supporting up to 16 different output devices—enough to power all of your portable devices at once. Thanks to the upgraded LiFePO4 battery included in the pack, you’ll see a similar lifespan of up to 3500 life cycles (up to 80% of original capacity) in the unit.

With seven different charging options and a maximum 1400W input rate, you can charge this generator fast—up to full in 2 hours. It comes with a 2200W pure sine wave AC inverter, supports up to two additional batteries (B320s or B300s), and comes with a remote control app for monitoring.

BLUETTI EP500 Power Backup Solar Generator


For most people, portable power means backup power. Thanks to the BLUETTI EP500, you’ll have just that. The EP500 can integrate into your own home power system, ready to power your devices in a power cut seamlessly using the Smart Home panel.

It’s completely portable, with wheels that let you move it wherever it needs to go. It includes a 5100 Wh LiFePO4 battery, a 2000W pure sine wave AC inverter, an integrated touchscreen, and support for remote monitoring using the BLUETTI app.

You can connect up to 15 different outlet sources to the EP500, whether it’s your smartphone or your refrigerator. And, if you want to take things further, you can even think about combining it with one of BLUETTI’s solar panels for free recharging.

BLUETTI PV350 Solar Panel


The BLUETTI PV350 is a foldable, portable, powerful, and extremely durable solar panel, and it’s on sale in BLUETTI’s April sale at $749.

The PV350 has huge compatibility across the BLUETTI range (including the AC300), but it should work with most solar power generators. It’s laminated and uses a hard-wearing EFTE material to protect it from water and physical damage, and comes with an IP65 water-resistant rating.

It’s also great for your power needs, offering a 23.5% conversion rate and performing better than similar spec polycrystalline solar panels in low lighting. You can purchase the PV350 separately or as part of a discounted bundle on the BLUETTI website.

BLUETTI EB55 & EB70 Portable Power Stations


Need something a little more handheld? You might want to think about the BLUETTI EB55 or BLUETTI EB70 portable power stations instead.

The BLUETTI EB55 ($499) is the smaller of the two, offering a 537 Wh battery capacity, a 700W inverter, and up to four different recharging methods, including AC and solar. Connectivity isn’t a problem, either, as it includes four USB ports (5V/3A), a 100W USB-C connection, three 12V/10A DC connectors, and support for four 110V outlets (up to 700W), and wireless charging for your mobile devices.

If you need more juice, then give the BLUETTI EB70 ($549) a try. It has a 716 Wh battery capacity, rated up to 700W wattage, two 100W USB-C outlets, two 5V/3A USB ports, three 12/10A DC outlets, and a 15W wireless charging pad.

Other BLUETTI Deals in April

These aren’t the only deals that BLUETTI has to offer in the Spring sale during April. Here are some other big BLUETTI discounts you won’t want to miss.

ModelOriginal PriceApril Spring Sale OfferDiscount
AB300 & two B300$5,799$5,399$400

BLUETTI Sale Now On Between April 7 and April 18

Heading off on vacation this April or are you looking to protect yourself during a power outage? Whatever your requirements, there’s bound to be a product for you in BLUETTI’s April sale, starting April 7th.

We’ve outlined some of the best deals above, but if you want to learn more, head straight to the BLUETTI website. You’ll need to be quick, though, as the deal ends on April 18th.

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