BLUETTI AC500 Named CES 2023 Innovation Award Nominee

BLUETTI continues to impress as it gets named CES 2023 Innovation Award Nominee for its eco-friendly AC500 power backup power station.

BLUETTI, the popular eco-friendly solar-powered backup solutions company, has been named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree for its AC500 solar generator. Despite a record of over 2100 submissions, BLUETTI rose to the top of the pack with its honoree award.

The announcement comes ahead of the CES 2023 convention, which features the world’s most influential annual tech event. CES 2023 starts at the beginning of next year and runs from January 5th – 8th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CES 2023 Innovation Award Nominee for BLUETTI AC500 Solar Generator

The CES awards program is an annual competition that honors outstanding design and engineering in 28 technology product categories. The nominee with the highest rating receives the “Best of Innovation” distinction.

The CES Innovation awards judges include a panel of media members, designers, engineers, and more. The judges review submissions based on engineering, innovation, functionality, and aesthetic design.

BLUETTI Marketing Director James Ray notes:

“It’s honorable to win the award, which will also inspire us to roll out more innovations to meet the ever-changing power demand in the future.”

So, it’s safe to say awards like this only benefit BLUETTI customers.

It’s also worth pointing out that BLUETTI raised over 11 million on Indiegogo earlier this year when the company started selling its devices on Amazon. So the company is looking at big product advancements moving forward.


Now that you know about the prestige of the CES award, it’s time to look at the AC500. This is the solar power station upgrade of its earlier AC300 model we’ve previously featured here on groovyPost.

The AC500 is a whole-home power station; with it, you’ll be prepared for power outages, running your home off-grid, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with your main breaker panel.

BLUETTI dedicates its product development to optimizing how people access and store green renewable energy. The AC500 also features an MPPT solar inverter which allows 3,000W max solar input. That means recharging it from 0-80 percent with sunshine only takes 1.5 hours—paired with AC500+2*B300S combo, dual recharging (Solar + AC) is also available, achieving up to 8000W of input for even faster charging.

It has a modular design that makes the overall size smaller for easier portability. It also means you can add each module one by one and not everything simultaneously. The smaller footprint design also means less space is taken up by vertically stacking them on B300S battery packs.

In addition, you can connect two AC500s in series to double the capacity voltage and power to 36,864Wh, 240V/6,000W for off-grid and living. If the sun shines, you will have peace of mind in your power backup solution.

The BLUETTI AC500 also includes the following features:

  • 100% modular and compatible with B300 and B300S battery packs for a large-scale capacity of up to 18,432Wh.
  • A 5,000W inverter (10,000W surge) to cover the power needs in most cases, even for high-power electronics.
  • Connecting with at least 2*B300S and charging via AC and PV simultaneously allows an 8,000W max input. 0-100% charging only takes 1.8~2.3 hours, saving charging time.
  • Nine charging ways are available; choose any one you prefer.
  • Built-in advanced BMS and LFP battery to ensure higher security and a longer lifespan.
  • Split Phase Bonding Function, connect two AC500s (in series) to double the capacity, voltage, and power to 36,864Wh, 240V/10,000W (a Fusion Box Pro is required and sold separately).
  • Monitor and control your solar power station from your phone with the BLUETTI app (available on Android or iOS). You can get the latest firmware by OTA update over Wi-Fi directly.
  • Weight/ Dimensions: 66.2lbs (30Kg)/ 20.5×12.8×14.1in (520×325×358mm).

bluetti ac500 off-grid

Another benefit of the AC500 is it features 16 outlets, so you can run virtually any device or appliance that requires electricity. Currently, an AC500 comes at an affordable $4,499 for US residents.

The AC500 also works with the B300S or B300 expansion batteries. You can charge the batteries up with the sun, so you have power stored for when you need it. That is a perfect option for off-the-grid living or during power outage situations.

Getting More from BLUETTI

We’ve been covering BLUETTI for multiple years and are impressed with the quality of the new products the company releases. And the rate at which it pumps out new devices is astounding. For instance, it recently launched the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator.

It’s like there’s a new BLUETTI product to cover every few months. So now that BLUETTI is getting notice from CES for innovation, the benefits will only continue.

The company has over 10 years of industry experience and remains true to a sustainable green-energy future. It has a presence in more than 70 countries and boasts millions of trusted users. For example, BLUETTI demonstrated some new devices at IFA in Berlin, Germany.

BLUETTI develops eco-friendly backup power solutions for indoor and outdoor use. At the time of this writing, it’s offering a holiday sale where you can save 27% off select products. To learn more, visit the company’s website.

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