BLUETTI to Attend IFA Berlin and Announce New Solar Power Devices


The popular eco-friendly solar energy company, BLUETTI, is showing off new devices at the IFA Berlin even in Germany. Get hands-on demos this weekend.

BLUETTI, the producer of popular clean-energy solar power backup solutions, is set to announce new devices at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany, from September 2nd through September 6th.

During the event, BLUETTI will highlight its three latest product releases. The products will demonstrate advanced energy storage products that are groundbreaking innovations in solar energy solutions.

BLUETTI has 10 years of industry experience and stays true to its green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Here’s a look at what the company plans to demonstrate during the event.

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What is IFA in Germany?

The IFA event is the Consumer Electronics Unlimited event for industrial and electronics exhibitions of products and ideas. It’s like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we hold annually in the US. The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin event is one of the oldest industrial exhibitions in Germany. The event includes electronics and home appliances from a variety of global brands, retailers, innovators, and trade visitors. Of course, journalists will be there to cover all of the exciting action. You’ll see product demonstrations from companies like Huawei, Qualcomm, Marshall amplification, BLUETTI, and others.

The event is the perfect location for BLUETTI to demonstrate its products, like its AC300 solar power station, the EB3A—a fast-charging ultra-portable power station, and more.

What is BLUETTI Demonstrating at IFA?

There are three major products that BLUETTI is focusing on and is ready to give hands-on demonstrations during the IFA event in Berlin. The main products from BLUETTI products the company focuses on this year include the following items.

AC500+B300S: It’s 100%modular. Its capacity can reach 18.432Wh by connecting with six expansion batteries. It can deliver a 5.000W pure sine wave output and will hit the EU market on September 1. Come and get your first-hand experience with the power at IFA.

We previously covered the AC500S+B300S at the beginning of August, and it allows you to customize your power supply. Combining the all-new BLUETTI AC500 with B300S battery modules creates a modular power station for your energy needs. In August, we let you know the new models were coming soon. However, the company is now set to unveil them at the IFA event in Germany.

EB3A: This compact power station is light in weight (a tad over 10lbs), but it provides a large capacity with 268 Wh. Also, it features 330W fast charging that provides an 80% charge in 40 minutes for most devices. In addition, it includes nine ports (including AC and DC solar charging) for all charging needs during picnics and short travels.

In addition, the BLUETTI EB3A Solar Generator includes silent charging, various output options (including Hight Power Mode), USB bypass mode, an improved LCD display, and the BLUETTI mobile app. After connecting your devices, you’ll be able to run them from your phone.

EP600: The EP600 is an upgrade to the existing BLUETTI EP500 Pro. The EP500 Pro is a home power station that can provide power to your entire home for three days for your most essential appliances.

The new EP600 Pro will also efficiently run most home appliances (including health devices that require power like a CPAP or oxygen) during a power outage. The new and upgraded power station includes disruptive technology. And it’s expected to hit the market in 2023. However, you can check out a full demonstration of the device at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany.


The EP500 home solar generator is getting an upgrade with the new EP600. BLUETTI will have a hands-on demonstration of it at the IFA event in Berlin, Germany.

Environmental-Friendly Solar Power with BLUETTI

If you’re looking for a “green” backup power supply, BLUETTI is the way forward. The company sells basic solar-powered backups for small devices for camping, whole house power backups, and everything in between.

The company is leveraging accumulated R&D strengths to deliver products like their AC200MAX Expandable Power Station, AC300+B300, EB70 Portable PowerStation, EB55 Portable Power Station, AC50S Portable Power Station, and Solar Panels.

BLUETTI sells green energy solutions and delivers its eco-friendly experiences to everyone worldwide. BLUETTI has been present in over 70 countries, and millions of customers trust the company’s solar-powered backup solutions.

If you’re in Berlin over the weekend, ensure you attend the IFA event and checkout the BLUETTI vendor area to get demonstrations for these latest BLUETTI products.

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