Windows 7 vs Windows 8: Feature Comparison Chart

Want to know what Windows 8 has that Windows 7 doesn’t? I did. After a thorough investigation here’s a list of most, if not all, of the upgrades currently available in the Consumer Preview.


windows 7 vs windows 8

Some would argue that Windows 8 is nothing more than a service pack with a metro touch interface bolted on. So, is Windows 8 worth upgrading? I’ll let you be the judge. Here is a list of updates in the new version, some good, some bad, and some we aren’t sure about yet.

Features (Click a red linked feature for more details)GoodUnsureBad
Native USB 3.0 Support


Arm Processor Support


Windows Store Integrationimage
1024×768 minimum resolution for metro appsimage
New Metro touch interfaceimage
Native Multi-monitor taskbar and wallpaper support


Improved Boot Speed | Hibernate Resume Speed


Hyper-V Virtualization


Windows Live login integration and pin passwordimage
Ribbon interface included in Explorer


The “Up” button is back


Right-click to mount VHD, IMG, and ISO files


New Task Manager with more features


Easy Restore = No more reformatting


Windows To Go | Programs and Files on a USB stickimage
Internet Explorer 10image
Touchscreen Gestures


Universal Spell Checker


Screenshots Automatically Saved to My Pictures


Intuitive Copy/Paste interface


Windows Storage Spaces


Keep in mind this only covers the consumer preview. We still have many months before Microsoft releases a final version so there are plenty of more changes still coming.

What do you think? Are there any we missed, or are there any that you don’t like?



  1. Bob Eckert

    Just for starters, I think the Metro look and feel is hideous.
    Epic fail. I don’t want my personal computer to look like a
    phone. Nuff said.

    • gaz

      If u dont like metro u can jus skip it n use the desktop mode. most apps launch in desktop mode anyway so it aint a big deal. my issue with metro is that the apps launch in full screen but if u take time to navigate metro u wud find dat it is actually quite easy. hideous? hardly. i find it refreshing. if u dont like win8 u can jus continue using win7 or are u using xp? psh. welcome to 2012. I personally will neva use xp eva again. if u dont like the new windows, use the old. if ur tired of microsft buy a mac or install ubuntu. the new interface doesnt take more than fifteen minutes to learn. if u cant do that well… remain in 1995 with the less tech savvy people. Metro is a no brainer. I am no M$ fan as I prefer linux but I have to say kudus on win8. I like it. and to those who say its another vista… Dont be stupid. if anything win8 is another win7 so if u didnt like win7 den u definitely wont like win8

      • Bob Eckert

        Hi gaz,

        Wow, I’m just recovering from all the bastardization of the English language in your
        EmailSpeak (looks like NewSpeak) and your personal attacks, but, honestly,
        thanks for setting me straight about the Metro UI being something that can
        be bypassed.

        Also, for letting me know that I can move up to Windows 7 and stick
        around there for awhile. I’m a big Linux fanboi, as well having just retired from 30 years
        in the IT industry working for one of the largest and most “tech savvy” universities in
        the country. I system-managed the school’s large number of public-face LAMP-based
        web servers.

        I’ve programmed by punching cards, using an ASCII-based terminal connected to a
        time-sharing system and experienced the entire arc of the personal computer to the present,
        including building my own 8-bit personal computer from a kit which I still have but don’t use
        of course. It’s waiting (and I suppose you might say I am too) for the museum.

        Stuck in 1995? I don’t think so. When it comes to aesthetics (Google this word if you
        have problems) I shoot from my own hip and it isn’t a prosthetic. Metro is hideous. We
        should agree to disagree.

        I’m not going to get into any pissing-match with you, but rest assured I’ve got the years
        right up to now and beyond to wield a “tech-savvy” light saber. Just remember, it was
        folks like me who built all of your techie toys for you to enjoy. Now get on with it and do
        something good for the world.



        • Chris

          Bob, brilliant reply, saved me the effort! It baffles me why people think it’s ‘cool’ whatever that is, to appear ignorant of spelling, grammar, style…

          Best wishes from another old-timer who also finds Metro an abomination.

          • Bob Eckert

            Hey Chris,

            Thanks for having my back in the Hipster Assault(tm)!
            Remember, we are not ‘old-timers’, we are the avatars
            this time around because the boomers who were interested
            in ITduring the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and beyond -created-
            the microprocessors that make all this madness, er, convenience
            possible. But also remember that Bill Gates is in his mid-fifties as
            I am in fact he is exactly my age (wish I could have made all the
            money he did, but at least I used his first 8-bit BASIC compiler on
            Intel 8080 and Z80 and at the time it rocked!) and Microsoft needs
            him back at least temporarily to fix the Metro (I know let’s make a
            non-touch interface have the same look and feel as a phone!)
            mess-up. We needed him during the Vista debacle but he and
            Melinda were out curing world disease. Darn his schedule!

  2. Jamr

    A comparison chart compares two or more products or items. If you only have one product in it it is not a true comparison chart. Maybe you should change the title of this article.

    • Jeremiah Springfield

      Windows 8 has all of the features of Windows 7. If you were to compare them it would make a chart several dozen pages long.

      This just shows what has changed from WIndows 7 to Windows 8. I like it.

      It just helps prove that all Windows 8 is, is a Windows 7 clone with the above mentioned features added in.

  3. Harry

    I’m with Jamr, very disappointing.

  4. saroj shkeh

    i hate windows 8 it’s even vista is not worst comparing to windows 8

    • Steve Krause

      Ouch but good feedback.

      What do you hate most about it? The new UI or?

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