Track Your Debts With Paycent for Android

The Paycent app for Android give you an easy way to keep track of money you owe and money owed to you. It’s a perfect way to track debts while on the go.

Good credit standing is important for anyone, so tracking and eventually paying debts is part of a solid financial plan. While we may not want to, there are times when we find ourselves short of cash and don’t really have a choice but to borrow from friends and family.

Paycent for Android is a new app featured in last week’s roundup. This app tracks money you borrowed and money borrowed from you. The beautiful interface makes it easy to record instances of debt on the go, with simple controls that are easy to understand. The Paycent home screen shows the total amount of debts in nifty paper strip designs. The top part shows how much you owe, and the one below it indicates how much is owed to you. A big, blue New button can be tapped to add more debts.















A pop-up box will verify what kind of debt you’re adding. Once that’s clear, you can add a name, amount and a payment schedule.


To get a breakdown of debts, simply tap on the “I owe” or “I’m owed” buttons. On the next page, you can view and edit each item on the debt list by tapping and holding down a name. A pop-up will offer you several options including marking the debt as paid or recording a partial payment. For partial payments, you can tap on Discount instead of Paid. Enter the amount to be discounted and the changes should carry over to the debt list.


If you tap on Paid, the item gets crossed off the list and you can now clear it by tapping on the trash bin icon on the top right corner.


Paycent supports a few currencies in addition to American dollars and UK Pounds. The default upon opening the app is Euro.


Overall, Paycent is a visually stunning app that does its job. Although it can use a few added features – like reminders for payment dates – it delivers basic functionality in a great user interface.

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