TP-Link TL-WR700N Perfect Mini Pocket Router

Toss this mini device in your pocket or bag and always be ready to broadcast a fast 802.11n Wi-Fi connection. The entire router is 20 percent smaller than Apple’s AirPort Express, and this unit has an MSRP of $29.99..

This tiny device, measuring 3.2” x 2.8” x 1.1”, is a perfect little travel companion. Take it along with your table, laptop or smartphone for those times when you have a wired internet connection available, but really prefer the ease of a Wi-Fi connection. The Mini Wireless Router, TL-WR700N, touts 150Mbps wireless speed using 802.11n Wi-Fi. The entire router is 20 percent smaller than Apple’s AirPort Express. It has a MSRP of $29.99.

The device comes with configuration instructions, a mini-CD resource disk and a Ethernet cable (not shown).

In Box

Power is provided by directly plugging the device into a standard power outlet.


And the power connectors gracefully fold into the body for easy traveling.

TP Link

The bottom of the small device includes a cable connection for Ethernet LAN/WAN service, and a reset button is the only control.  Once plugged in and connected to an Ethernet Internet connection, you’re set to connect to your new wireless network. The device’s SSID and password are printed directly on the device.

Ethernet and Reset

Here is a Windows 8 Consumer Preview Start screen with networks exposed. Note the computer is connected to the TP-Link network.

TP-Link offers technical support 24 x 7 and by email. It supports five modes including AP (access point) / Client (wireless client) / Repeater (radio relay) / Bridge (wireless bridge)/ Router (wireless router).

In my tests, the device connected the first time I tried it. And it continued to connect flawlessly during repeated restarts and awakes from sleep mode or hibernation. The connection was strong over the floor plan of our house and speeds were as expected.

According to the company, the TP-Link Pocket Router is also available online at Fry’s, Micro Center, New Egg and other online sources.

So, I bet you can guess what will be in my travel bag the next time I hit the road!



  1. Catul

    This looks like a nice device. For travel, though, I’d seriously consider the ASUS WL-330N3G ($20 more, after rebate, at The big advantage is that it can share a wireless hotspot, especially useful when a hotel charges for Wi-Fi since you can pay for one device (the Asus) and share that with your laptop/phone etc.

    It’s also tiny, and powered by a standard mini-USB port; very helpful device for travel!

  2. Adam

    I’m looking for a device I can plug my Verizon 4G LTE dongle into and share it out as a hotspot. I saw a guy at school with one of these but I can’t find it. Any idea Mike or Catul?

    • Mike Rothman

      Great question, Adam. I don’t have a Verizion 4G LTE dongle to test this, but with the flexibility offered by the TP-Link I would not be surprised to learn that it can do what you need. Why not try calling the TP-Link support line or leaving a question on their email. If you get a firm answer please let us know here. Good luck.

  3. Catul

    The PepWave Surf on the Go will let you use a 4G dongle (, check if your particular one is supported. It’s not battery-powered though, which limits the usefulness.

  4. Brian Burgess

    Great write up Mike! I see myself pulling the trigger on getting one of these! One friend on Google+ was saying he bought one to use in his Garage! Many opportunities I see for using one!

    • Mike Rothman

      Thanks, Brian. It really is an ideal little device at a great price. I had not thought of using it as a bridge into the garage, but what a cool idea. It also becomes a nice way to share a connection in a setting with several people each with a wireless device.

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