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Top Five Google Play 49 cent Apps of the Week

If you missed the 7 Days to Play sale last week marking the whole unification of your cloud entertainment life and the shift from the Android Market to the Play Store, you really missed out on some great deals.

Some say it’s the start of a price war with Amazon or Apple, others say it’s simply to celebrate Google Play and cloud entertainment in general. Regardless of which giant’s shoulder you stand on, one thing is for sure. When tech behemoths bicker, the end user usually wins. Unless of course they are bickering about patents, in which case the licensing fees usually get passed on to us.

Osmos HD

Here are five of my favorite. Most are games, but with the titles coming out and the Tegra 3 Transformer Prime, can you blame me? It is after all, called Play.

Osmos HD by Hemisphere Games
Osmos HD

Best played with headphones. This is the soothing Sudoku real time physics game of the tablet / large phone generation. This game is beautiful in both it’s audio and visual offerings. The beginning of the process explains it so I won’t here, but I just want to say, if you play any game on this list, and want a game that’s guaranteed to work even on older devices, go play Osmos HD.

ShadowGun by MADFINGER Games, a.s.


The word of the day is beautiful. Keep in mind I’m reviewing these games on the Asus Transformer Prime. From what I hear most kids play this game using an Xbox Mostly because it’s nice to take screen shots with, but also because the Tegra 3 really cuts through the graphics quite smoothly.


This is another game that makes great use of screen real estate for controlling the character and aiming the weapons, but it also translates well to the smaller screens like a Galaxy Nexus. I wouldn’t play most of these games on anything smaller than the Galaxy Nexus.

Deadspace by Electronic Arts Inc

Dead Space

This is EA’s attempt at a console quality third person shooter, and I have to say, out of all the games out there right now, this one is by far one of the shiniest. The controls are very smooth and the game play gets you hooked right away.

Dead Space

I think casual gaming has been completely redefined with the processors that are in these tablets and the kind of amazing graphics they are able to squeeze into under 500 megs.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit by Electronic Arts Inc

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

This is basically one of the coolest car racing games I’ve played on the Prime. It’s Need for Speed, and it’s being rendered by hardware that’s packing a Tegra 3 and an accelerometer. That means you steer with the tablet. I’ve always been a fan of the inside car view when playing driving games.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Something about it adds that extra layer of semi realism. I’ve still yet to come across a racing game that allows you to change the views like that, but using your tablet to steer is great. This sort of control was made for racing games.

Camera ZOOM FX by androidslide

Postcard shots with Camera Zoom FX

Of course I play and review Android apps, but in order for this not to be considered another game review, I had to pick something a little more utilitarian. There are a ton of camera apps out there, but for some reason this one caught my eye. This type of app would be really handy if you weren’t yet on ICS, but the more I used the filters and messed with all the different possible settings, you can get some really amazing pictures. I like to use the stock ICS camera in the Prime or the Galaxy Nexus, then bring the photos into Camera Zoom FX and mess with them.

Camera Zoom FX view finder

This app has been an Amazon Free pick of the day, and I’ve seen it everywhere from 25 cents to five bucks. It’s up to you what you think having the possibility to create awesome postcard looking pictures like these on your Android mobile device.

groovyMat Kirlian photoraphy

You can even start your own Kirlian photoraphy stand.

You can still get these great apps 24 / 7 in the Play Store. They won’t be 25 cents, but you will have more satisfaction knowing you didn’t skimp out on the fair full price of a great application, and that you, even more than me, have helped some poor starving developer buy more boxes of Top Ramen and Rockstar which provides the nourishment they need to keep plugging away at their apps. Doesn’t helping feel good?

What apps are you digging on? Drop me a line or leave a comment! Don’t forget to check out our weekly look at Android over on the Attack of the Androids site.

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2 Responses to Top Five Google Play 49 cent Apps of the Week

  1. Brian Burgess March 16, 2012 at 2:34 am #

    Awesome games on Tablets are really getting awesome. But what I want is a killer Bluetooth controller. Sometimes using the touch screen just doesn’t cut it or even feel right.

  2. Mat Lee March 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    If I had a bluetooth controller, like a wii or an Xbox controller, I would write that how to in a heartbeat. If you guys send me stuff to P.O. Box 3652 Kalispell MT 59903 I’ll review it and send it back if you really want. Send me stuff I can keep though, that’s far preferable.

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