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Timed Shutdown Powers Off Your PC when Scheduled

Shutting down your PC at a certain time is sometimes a necessity. This is what this groovy little utility called Timed Shutdown does, without any hassles.timed shutdown

I love complex software at times, but there are tasks for which I’d rather have a simple program that does just what I want it to. And I know there are some other ways of doing what Timed Shutdown does, but this little software is for those too lazy to configure a Scheduled Task.

I’ve been using Timed Shutdown for a few years now and, since I haven’t given up on it, it must be doing something right. It’s very useful to turn off your PC (also closing open programs) at a certain time. Here’s how easy it is to use.

First, download the program from here (it’s about 0.7 MB so it shouldn’t take long to download) and install it, then start it.

It’s nice and basic. It has two buttons on the left side, the Clock and Timer. Each one has a set of options.

The Clock function lets you set a date and time when your PC will shutdown. Once you hit GO, the program will sit in the background and and shut down your PC for when you set it. You can tick whether you want it to forcibly close open programs and/or play a countdown sound.

timed shutdown clock

Clicking the Timer button allows you to set an amount of time until your PC shuts down – be it days, hours, minutes, seconds or a specified interval.

timed shutdown timer

There’s a few other options than shutdown at the end of the specified interval (both for Clock and Timer) – it can also put your computer to Hibernate mode, lock it, log off your account or restart it.

timed shutdown shutdown options

When you set it to shutdown your system,  you should know that it’s not cast in stone. Just find the Timed Shutdown icon in the notification bar, click it and you’ll be able to abort the whole thing.

timed shutdown stop

You can also do that right before the program starts the operation, as you’ll get a countdown with an abort button a minute before the operation starts.

timed shutdown abort countdown

I think Timed Shutdown is a groovy simple utility, that does exactly as advertised. And it’s free, too. So is the new Green Day Angry Birds game on Facebook, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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