Technology Changes the Definition of Photography

All areas of life have been changed by technology, but few have changed so much as photography. Technology has led to a camera that lets you focus the picture after snap the shutter. Cameras can soften the blur caused by jittery fingers, keep moving objects in focus, recognize faces, and even smiles, and focus on them.

Technology is starting to show its influence in video too. For example, the video you’re about to watch. What it shows is so fantastic that at first you think it must be a product of CGI. But the scenes are real–fantastic in their own reality, and given a special touch with high definition, time lapse photography.

This is a trailer for Times Scapes, a movie by Tom Lowe scheduled for release in 2012 and available now on disc. Once it starts playing, click the high def and full screen icons, to see the trailer in full bloom. Now lean back and enjoy.

TimeScapes 4K from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.

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