80’s Weekend with Pac-Man + Tournaments for Android

Even if you’re not old enough to remember pumping tons of quarters into Pac-Man at the arcade, you definitely know of the legendary game. Play it on Android and relive the 80’s.

Even if you’re not old enough to remember spending countless hours and quarters at the arcade playing Pac-Man, you definitely know of the legendary game. Now, you can relive the glory days, or get a history lesson by playing the Official Pac-Man arcade game for Android.

Pac-Man + Tournaments for Android

Install Pac-Man + Tournaments from the Google Play Store. This is the best port of the original Pac-Man game I  have ever played. The play, sounds, scenes between levels…everything is like the original. Here’s a look at it running on the Nexus 7 in landscape view.

Pac-Man Landscape

In Portrait mode, you get a view of a virtual joystick controller, but I find it easier to just move Pac-Man around the maze with my finger. The game is free, but ad-supported – you get an ad for other games after each “Game Over” or exit the game.

Pac-Man Portraite View Joystick

The Tournament mode features constantly updated new mazes that have varying color schemes, new bonus items like cheeseburgers and fries (not just the classic fruit items).

PacMan Tournament Mazes

You can get rid of ads for a month for $0.99 or ditch them for good for $4.99 via an in-app purchase. There are also options to purchase additional tokens.

Android PacMan in app Purchases

While it’s awesome to relive my favorite arcade game from back in the day, playing on a touchscreen doesn’t compare to standing up and controlling Pac-Man with a physical joystick.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

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