Ninite: Freeware Friday

I’m always asking friends their recommendations for the best freeware they know. Most of the time, the first word out of their mouths is  — Ninite.

Use Ninite to Download Apps the Easy Way

ninite apps

Hey, if you haven’t checked out Ninite –groovyPost has a great piece where we covered it here —  you’re really missing out.  Available for Windows XP and up and most Linux versions, Ninite is a free app that lets you easily and automatically install popular plug-ins, cloud apps, and other services you use to any computer, new or old. It’s amazing if you’re moving to a new computer and don’t want to reinstall and log in to each one all over again. No sign-in is required.  No client. And no constant hitting Next, Next and Next. I wish I  thought of this.

As Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ oft-quoted line goes — and it’s really true for Ninite — it just works. There is pro pricing for multiple users, but it’s free for everyone else.  Ninite, in its free version, has so many redeeming qualities it’s hard to list them all here. I love how it always just says no to including unnecessary junk like third-party toolbars in its long list of cloud apps, tools, and plug-ins to select from. With a few exceptions, its selection of utilities, tools, and plug-ins is almost impeccable. Developers Patrick Swieskowski and Sascha Kuzins have good taste for sure. Ninite is one of the best software to come out of the accelerator YCombinator I’ve seen. As a journalist and VC tech analyst, that’s saying a lot.

If Ninite would include a screen grabber called Winsnap, I’d be in heaven. Happy Friday!



  1. Austin

    I absolutely love Ninite. It is hands-down the easiest way to bulk-update MOST of the freeware that I keep on my PC. There is actually a guide for that somewhere around here… Found it!

  2. Brian Burgess

    I love it too! Anytime I reinstall Windows or get a new PC, it’s the first site I head too.

    • Gouthaman Karunakaran

      -ditto- :)

  3. Chris

    How about Software url clickable for easy and direct access :-)

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