Netflix Rolls Out Just For Kids Menu Online and Apple TV

Netflix rolled out a new section on its Website called “Just for Kids”. It’s also available on the Apple TV. It lets you access content that’s suitable and geared toward your young ones.

To find the new section on its website, open any browser and log in to your Netflix account. Then click on the Just for Kids tab.


If you’ve already setup Netflix on your Apple TV, launch Netflix and you’ll see the Just for Kids section.
Just for Kids

Browse through kids’ favorite Characters, Netflix Suggestions, Holidays or search the entire Just for Kids section.


In Characters on the Apple TV you can let your kids browse through movies and shows from popular characters.


Browse through the TV shows or Movies available for the different Characters.


At the time of this writing, I didn’t find the Just For Kids section on Netflix on Xbox 360, Roku or any other device you can access Netflix from. But you can still browse through Children & Family Movies.

Netflix on each device is different and since the new Xbox 360 Dashboard update, it’s not an intuitive experience. It would be nice to see a universal UI for Netflix across all devices.


Use the new Just for Kids section in conjunction with Parental Controls for Apple TV. Together, they provide a fun and safe browsing experience.

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